“The visual presentation of my antique toys and holiday items act as a stimulus for viewers to recall their childhood memories and spark imaginations.”

My work is based on fantasy, creativity, imagination and play. Historically when a society is going through difficult times, fantasy is a release from a harsh reality.

Currently, children are growing up with high tech toys and their use of visual perception has been narrowed by rapid visual media as video games, quick commercial images and internet communication. These electronic devices have eliminated the ability to utilize the imagination. As a child, I recall listening to the radio and would be able to imagine each individual character and the setting where the action was taking place. There is very little opportunity to exercise one’s imagination in the 21st century.

People of all ages need to exercise their imaginations. Through my lectures, and creativity workshops, I am able to get my participants to return to the childhood experience of play and imagination. This can become a good working tool to solve design problems.

My Christmas installations transport the viewer by awakening their "inner child" with nostalgic memories of holidays past.


© 2008   Dolph Gotelli